Human male, born 14 Sp'mo', LY 874, in Kurok. Sorreter, junior member of The Cabal.

In 889, shortly after turning 15, René left his home village, telling his parents that he wished to become an adventurer. The truth was that he wanted to become a Sorreter, though he knew they wouldn't have supported that decision. They were both spirit-talkers who held the minority opinion that magic was not something that ever should have been introduced to The Land, at least not outside of fantasy stories. He started his adventuring career by going with his parents to Monab during that year's Pilgrimage, and from there he traveled to Plist, with that village's delegation who had attended the Pilgrimage. After that, he set off on his own, going to Tonad and finally Sorret. It was there that the following year he was apprenticed to Durell. He graduated to adept status in 900, at which point he became one of the various followers Durell organized to support the Coming of the Order. By the end of the war, René had attained master-adept status, though he didn't take on any apprentices. Instead, he moved to Near Port, where he worked as an independent contractor for the Army, under the direct command of Colonel Charles Woodman. However, the work he did there was of a top secret nature, and nothing was known of it until 912, when members of The Chaos were imprisoned in Near Port for several months. Later that year, René took part in the war instigated by King Demos Royal and his cabal. He disappeared at the same time as Demos, after the cabal lost the war, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

When the surname law was passed in 904, he chose the name "Deadzone," for reasons that have never been revealed. It has been speculated that the reason is either because, since becoming a Sorreter, he has been "dead" to his parents, or more likely, it has something to do with the secret nature of his work for the Army.

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