Human male, born LY 410, in Sorret. Died 470. Grand Sorreter (436-470). "The Book of Rasche" is the thirty-ninth book of the O'Gas.

Rasche (pronounced răsh) developed a spell called an "anti-spell" (see list of spells) in 432. The first specific anti-spell he devised was an anti-scrying spell, which would block attempts to see or hear distant events. He soon also developed an anti-divining spells, to block attempts to locate specific people or objects. Over the years, other Sorreters would develop their own anti-spells. It was this concept of using magic to block magic that earned him the position of Grand Sorreter in 436, the year after the death of Judy. However, Rasche is also remembered for developing several other spells, both before and after his anti-spells. These include the casting of glamours to alter the appearance of either oneself or objects (the latter might be considered enchantment, though it is not typically classified as such because there is generally no active use for a glamourized object). He designed this spell in 430, two years before the anti-spell.

In 436, when he had only been Grand Sorreter for a few months, he played a large part in the battle against an invasion of The Land by alien sorcerers, which turned out to have been caused by a game of Surreal being played in Monab. The efforts not only of all Sorreters but various non magic-users from around the world ultimately failed to defeate the invaders, but the attack was undone after the game ended. This incident led to the banning of the game in every village of the Land. To ensure the law would be followed, Rasche devised an autoscry spell which would constantly monitor the inhabited areas of the world for the speaking of the words which would invoke the game, so that actions could be taken by Sorreters to prevent the game from going forward once it was begun. The same type of autoscry spell would later be used for other purposes, such as enforcing the law of Prohibition of Off-world Technology. The incident also led Rasche to work on developing a vastly enhanced form of anti-spell, which would be known as a magic dampening field, which could nullify the effects of magic over a given area. This spell was first used successfully in 437, but it required the combined efforts of a number of Sorreters.

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