The Rapscallions are a single-village gang, founded in Kurok in LY 361, by a young man named Raven. The gang was originally comprised mostly of young people from First Village (including Raven himself), as well as Tonad and possibly Sorret. (There were also some from Ship, though considering that village was founded just a year prior to Kurok, they wouldn't have lived in Ship for long before moving to Kurok.) In 363, most of the original Rapscallions were killed in a skirmish with rogue police led by a detective named Bash, as well as a pineana orchardist named Rico. However, in the years since then, the surviving Rapscallions slowly rebuilt their gang.

In those days, the Rapscallions, like all gangs, were mostly just a rite of passage for teenagers, and didn't take themselves seriously. In the following centuries, a few other gangs would spring up in Kurok, which also didn't take themselves seriously. However, that all changed in 899, when gangs around the Land began engaging in more serious crimes, as well as forming intervillage gangs like LandOrder and InterGang. In 900, every Kuroki gang except the Rapscallions banded together to attack the gangs of Pritt, but they were defeated, leaving the Rapscallions as the only viable gang in Kurok. (A few survivors of the other gangs returned, and were absorbed into the Rapscallions.) However, unlike most modern gangs on the Land, the Rapscallions make a point of maintaining the old concept of what it means to be a gang. While their ranks may include more adults than in the old days, they're still mostly teenagers. And while they may engage in some minor crimes, they're still mostly just about mischief and fun. In fact, many Kuroki police see them as a good way of keeping kids (or adults) from starting any "real" gangs, in Kurok.

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