Rainbowberries have been known on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid, who were informed by God that the berries are very like Terran raspberries, but they come in red, orange, green, blue, and purple, any of which can be found on a single bush. (Also like raspberries, rainbowberries are not technically berries at all, but rather "aggregate fruits." Each so-called berry is actually made up of many tiny drupelets which are fused together. Each drupelet is in fact an entire fruit. But for ease of reference, the compound fruits may still be referred to as berries.) Each color of rainbowberry has its own similar, yet distinct flavor. The red berries are said to taste like Terran red raspberries, the orange like golden raspberries, the purple like black raspberries, the blue ones like blue raspberries (though on Earth these are more purple in coloration than they are on the Land, where they are truly blue), and the green are unlike any specific Terran raspberries (they are sometimes said to have an almost minty flavor, though this is just as often dismissed as a trick of the mind, as people may unconsciously equate the color green with the taste of mint). Unlike the various Terran raspberries, rainbowberries are a single species.

Rainbowberries may be found anywhere on The Land. They are harvested throughout the late summer and early autumn months. They may be eaten in their natural form, or may be made into jam, syrup, used as a flavoring in tea, a filling in chocolate candies, made into juice (often combined with sprayberry juice), soft drinks, ice cream, or alcohol such as lambic or wine.

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