Commonly referred to simply as "qutn," rainbow qutn is a variety of qutn (commonly called "cotton" on Earth) which is unique to The Land. It is essentially the same as Terran cotton, except for a few traits. First, it comes in various colors, including white, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each qutn bush produces a single color, though the offspring of any qutn plant can be of any color. (While often seen as unpredictable by most people, the study of genetics- first conceived by Levitn- can be useful in determining what color will be produced in succeeding generations of qutn, which allows for growers to choose the colors they'll produce.) Another difference between Terran and Landian qutn is that the Landian variety provides greater natural protection from the harmful effects of the sun, while remaining every bit as light and "breathable" as the cotton of Earth. Another quality of Landian qutn, which has yet to be explained, is that while all the colors are visually opaque, light does seem to permeate fabrics made from qutn. This is known by virtue of the fact that Landians' skin color is consistent over most of their bodies, whereas it would seem that a "tan" should be blocked by clothing, particularly considering that sunburns and other harmful effects are blocked by clothing. It should be noted qutn is not the only fabric to produce this result; all plant-based clothing seems to have a similar effect. The only exceptions to this rule of consistent skin coloration come from clothes made from animal skins such as leather, though it is rare to wear anything so heavy, in tropical climates.

Qutn was the first plant to be used for the production of clothing, dating back to the time of Connor and Brigid. It is also used in other things, such as towels, paper, bandages, etc. In LY 369, a method of weaving a more rugged qutn fabric called denim was devised in Ship, and soon gained popularity as a material for both pants and jackets.

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