Human female, born 21 Sp'yet, LY 895, in Plist. Musician.

Rain is best known as a member of the band Black Radly, in which she sings and plays the Frinn horn. Her parents are meteorologists, who have a weather column in a local journal. Their favorite form of weather is rain, hence the name they gave their daughter. In 904, when the surname law was passed, they chose the name "Weatherprophet" because of their profession, though Rain would come to see her new full name, "Rain Weatherprophet," as embarrassing, and so she unofficially shortened her name to "Rain W," at least as a stage name.

Because there are two guys and two girls in the band, and one of the guys (Jae Furthingtame) is dating one of the girls (Anja Frontrun), there has been occasional fan speculation about Rain possibly dating the other guy in the group, Marc Protestant. However, the two of them insist they are just friends.

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