Human male, born LY 883, in Tanq. Former Chief of Police in Tanq, 909-912. King of First Nation, 912-?

Quinn comes from a fairly wealthy clan of ranchers, who raise a number of different types of livestock, though the one for which they're best known is striders. In particular, they are known for black-coated striders (as opposed to the more common brown or grey striders, and less common white ones). Hence, when the surname law was passed in 904, they chose the name "Darkstrider."

However, Quinn himself had little interest in ranching, instead taking a job in the local police department when he turned 18, in 901. He proved a very capable patrolman, quickly working his way up to detective. By 906, he'd become his district's deputy chief, and when the chief Carson Fishmonger retired in 909, Quinn was elected by the village's citizens to assume the vacated position. In 911, when The Syndicate (which had originated in Plist) began operating in Tanq, Quinn soon decided to foster an unofficial alliance between the group and his police department, which generally positive results. In 912, he decided to run for the position of monarch, largely in the hopes of encouraging InterVil to authorize the police to work with the Syndicate on an official basis, as a way of bolstering the police, who had insufficient manpower (and often insufficient budget) to deal with the ever-increasing power of gangs, especially LandOrder and InterGang.

While he was considered a long-shot candidate, he ended up winning the election. However, events soon led to the Chaos War, which could have resulted in King Demos Royal retaining the throne for life, in spite of the election results. When Demos lost the war and was deposed, Quinn would serve as king pro tem, until his official inauguration on 26 Aut'mo', 912. (Festivities at his inauguration included a performance by Serengeti, and by the Royal Orchestra, the latter of which accompanied the Land's first ever fireworks display.)

Since becoming king, Darkstrider's plans for the Syndicate have worked out well, and he has proven a good monarch in other respects, as well. He is largely responsible for peaceful relations between First Nation and the United Villages of the Chaos, a country consisting originally of four villages which broke away from the Second Order, in 913.

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