The practice of using public funds to pay for various communal expenses within a village was first established in LY 117, ten years after the monetary system was introduced. It was in fact the introduction of a public fund which led to the naming of First Village, as before that time the people of The Land had never given much thought to the identity of their community in a geographical sense (as it was then the only community in the world). At first, the public fund of a village would be built up mainly through the minting of coins, which would be used by popular vote of the village's citizens, to pay for various services. Over the years such services would include the construction of public facilities and the employees who worked therein (such as landfills, libraries, playgrounds, police departments, the court system, and the school system, etc.) It would also come to be used for the payment of village councils. In 902, the tax law was passed, which largely changed the method of building up the public fund by collecting taxes, rather than minting coins. In 904, there would also be a federal public fund established, upon the establishment of the Second Order.

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