The Prophet Movement began in LY 399, and ended in 404. Little is known of the Movement today, though there were at least five different groups of so-called prophets. It seems the first of these groups was the Black Prophets, and they were apparently also the last group remaining active, before finally being eliminated, like all the others. Most of the groups that existed during that five to six year span (exact dates for the start and end of the Movement are unknown) are said to have been in conflict with one another, though they shared a common enemy: spirit-talkers.

In fact, it is believed that at least one of the prophet groups was comprised of spirit-talkers who received foreknowledge of future events from spirits who were followers of Lucifer (that is, "demons"). However, most of the groups are believed to have been made up of ordinary people, and at least one group is said to have been opposed to the very existence of spirit-talkers on The Land, believing our world's destiny had been too greatly influenced by religion, since the concept had been introduced by Brist about three centuries earlier. It was largely this anti-spirit-talker sentiment that prompted Malcolm to begin working with other spirit-talkers (most notably Archibald and Hamish) to try to put an end to the Prophet Movement. However, it was not just a sense of self-preservation that motivated them, but also a strong belief that humans were not meant to have foreknowledge of the future, through any means.

By the time the Movement began, spirit-talkers had been increasingly communicating with those from other villages, ever since the invention of the printing press nine years earlier. And so, they were already in a position to forge an alliance, to oppose the Movement. This alliance is in large part credited (some say ironically) with leading to the establishment of The Order in 404. However, others say the Order would have come into existence before much longer, with or without the impetus of opposing the Prophet Movement. In any event, after putting an end to the last of the prophet groups, the Order would work to eliminate any record of the prophecies these groups had shared with the public at large, which is why few solid details or absolute facts are known today about the Movement. In fact, the Black Prophets were the only group whose name is even remembered. (And some historians have even suggested they may have gone by the name "Dark Prophets," rather than "Black Prophets," though this theory is given little credence.)

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