Pritt is the ninth village founded on The Land, in LY 367. It is situated on the southernmost point of First Isle, at roughly 10° north latitude and 87° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 19,942 humans.

Pritt was the fifth village to be founded during the period of rapid expansion following the founding of Ship, which lasted between 361 and 380. It was the second village to be founded on First Isle, after Kurok. The distance between Kurok and Pritt is roughly 400 miles, which is currently the shortest distance between any two villages on the Land. This distance is covered by the First Isle Way, which was the second (and thus far last) paved road to be built between any two villages on the Land. Pritt is known for various historical contributions to the world, including the invention of the printing press in 390. In direct relation to this fact, it is also the home of the Land's first library, built in 392. Pritt is home to the Land's oldest and largest publishing company, Talon Tomes.

Pritt is also known for having introduced a method of preparing coffee, which came to be known as "Prittian coffee." As might be expected, the village is an important producer of coffee, though it mostly supplies its own people and those of Kurok. (Coffee grown in any village may be prepared in the Prittian style.) Aside from coffee, Pritt's farmers produce a variety of other crops. The lumber industry is also a vital part of Pritt's economy, as are fishing, mining, and of course printing.

The coffee grown in Pritt is said by some spirits to be similar to coffee from the Terran city of Mocha, Yemen. One spirit also mentioned a Terran coffee blend called Mocha Java, which led a family of coffee growers in Pritt to form an alliance with a family of coffee growers in Ristar, whose coffee is said to be similar to that of a Terran island called Java. The two families called their Pritt-Ristar blend "Mocha Java," after the Terran blend (rather than naming it after the Landian villages). In 904, a woman of the Prittian family married a man of the Ristafar family, and when the surname law was enacted, the two families collectively chose to call themselves "Mocha-Java."

People who live in Pritt are referred to as "Prittians."