Human male, born LY 722, in Monab. Died 799. Arch-bishop of The Order (770-799).

Prax is perhaps best remembered for presiding over debates within the Order, between 773 and 774, concerning the matter of human intelligence having been incorporated into a race of mythical creatures called elves. The debates began after Grand Sorreter Cazzul brought the existence of the elves to the attention of Prax, wanting him to excommunicate Roderick for creating a fully sentient race, which the Grand Sorreter considered blasphemy against God. Prax, however, chose to take no official action in that matter, leaving the fate of Roderick and the First 50 Elves at Cazzul's discretion. (He chose to banish them.) However, the matter of the elves also brought up the matter of so-called "semi-intelligent" mythical creatures. Since 580, Sorreters had imposed upon themselves a taboo against creating semi-intelligent creatures. However, there had always been some question as to what exactly was meant by "semi-intelligent," and whether there was in fact any such thing. Many people believed there was only Intelligent and non-intelligent. And so, these debates in 773 would lead to an official intelligence classification system, in 774. At that time, it was decided that only humans and elves would be considered fully intelligent (and elves hardly counted, as they were by that time no longer in contact with human society). The third race to be granted "full intelligence" status were merfolk, though their creation did not come until about a decade after Prax's death.

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