Plist is the fourteenth village founded on The Land, in LY 500. It is situated on First Land at roughly 8° south latitude and 105° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 50,274 humans and 238 elves.

It has been said that Plist was founded largely out of a sense of boredom. Another village had not been founded since Monab, nearly a century earlier, and there was little of any great interest going on in the world. And so, a group of settlers set out from First Village and Tonad to found a new village... because it was something to do. Of course, population was growing, and it seemed a reasonable time to establish a new place for people to live, though it was far from necessary (particularly when viewed from a modern perspective on population). After Plist was founded, another village would not be founded until Triscot, nearly three centuries later, in 771. In the intervening period, Plist became a popular place to move, for those seeking to emigrate from their home villages, so its population has grown more steadily than can be accounted for simply by the birth rate. In fact, the first census revealed it to be the second most populous village on the Land, after First Village. The chief explanation for its popularity as a relocation destination is most likely that it was, prior to Triscot, the most recently founded village, and therefore presumed to be the most novel. Though how this can be of any genuine relevance to people who'd likely never been to any other village anyway, is a matter of some debate.

Being located at the southern edge of First River Forest, Plist's major industry is woodcutting and milling. The village produces a great deal of lumber and wood products such as paper and cardboard. There are also several prominent publishing houses located in the village. Little else can be said of Plist, and many of its residents like to joke (or half-joke) that life in the village is as boring as the impetus for its founding in the first place. However, it is generally considered a relatively pleasant place to live, and enjoys all the same luxuries and conveniences as any major population center such as First Village.

It is also noteworthy for having been the birthplace of the Protestant Movement and the annual Protestant Pilgrimage in 902, as well as The Chaos in 912. It is therefore of no great surprise that it was one of the three villages (along with Tanq and Jump Village) to join Triscot in establishing the United Villages of the Chaos following the Secession Referendum in 913. Plist remains the seat of Protestantism, and it is where the Protestant Arch-bishop resides, though the village is not thought of in religious terms as strictly as Monab is.

People who live in Plist are referred to as "Plistians."

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