This is one of the numerous examples of God tinkering with His old ideas He had previously used on other worlds, rather than simply reusing old ideas in the same way on new worlds, or creating entirely new things. The outside of the pineana is known to look like the outside of a Terran "pineapple," while the inside is essentially the same as the inside of a Terran "banana." These are two fruits which are not currently known to exist on The Land. The outside resembles a pine cone, which is how it derived its name on Earth. The edible interior is a light yellowish-white color, with a sweet/starchy flavor. The fruit has a greater volume than Terran bananas, though they last longer because the tough, spiny exterior is less prone to aging than the peels of bananas. Pineanas may be eaten raw, or they may be sliced and fried (sometimes deep-fried). Sliced pineana is also common used on sandwiches, along with threenut butter. Pineana may also be used in making ice cream sundaes or smoothies.

Pineanas are cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the Land.

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