Human male, born 10 Su'mo', LY 872, in Pritt, to Petra and Mikhail. Jack of all trades; idea man.

Philo (pronounced fī·lō) left his home village at the age of 16, in 888. A few months before he left home, his parents had started a small publishing company called Destiny Imprints, with financial backing from a wandering Jack of all trades named Gordon. Philo worked as an apprentice printer for a short time, but was ultimately inspired by Gordon to become a Jack of all trades, himself. Since then he has wandered the world learning various skills from various masters, though he never becomes particularly proficient at any of these skills, as he has a short attention span. He's always coming up with new ideas, and new interests. He's started many businesses, most of which he soon abandons, though the people he hired to run each one usually go on to be very successful. Aside from starting businesses, he also advises people to start their own. In 902, while in First Village, he met two other idea men, Frank and Dex. He suggested that the three of them form a quasi-partnership, and the other two agreed, each opening an office in their home village. However, whether or not Philo intended to do the same, he soon forgot the idea when he began pursuing another venture. He does often drop in on people he's met in his travels, for a friendly chat or to check on how their businesses are doing.

He is known to have worked, off and on, with one postal service between 902 and 912. Sometime between 912 and 913, he convinced that particular company to change its business from mail delivery to movie production, renaming itself "Post Productions."

When the surname law was passed in 904, Philo chose the name "Dabbler." Sometime prior to the first census in 905, he informed his parents of his decision. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to talk him out of it, so they resigned themselves to taking the name for themselves, as well.

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