There are various types of peppers grown across The Land. While many of them are quite spicy, others are fairly mild and sweet. Any varieties may be used in making salsa. The following is a list of some of the more popluar cultivars:

  • Bell peppers are the most common of the mild peppers; they can be red, yellow, or green (just like on Earth). These are commonly cut into strips or smaller bits, and eaten in salads or cooked on pizzas. They may also be eaten with dips, or just by themselves. They may be stir-fried along with other vegetables, meats, and rice. They may also be deep-fried and served as tempura. They can also be hollowed out, stuffed with meat and rice, covered with basil tomato sauce, and baked.
  • Cayenne peppers are named after a Terran city. Red, and fairly hot, they are used in salsa and various hot sauces and marinades. Cayenne powder may also be used to produce xocolatl.
  • Dragon peppers are a uniquely Landian cultivar, green in color, which are said to most closely resemble Earth's jalapeños in appearance, and Bhut Jolokia in intensity. The actual flavor is hard for most people to clearly distinguish over the spiciness, but it's an intriguing cross between bell peppers and mint, with the spiciness providing not just heat, but also a hint of a jalapeño's flavor (according to spirits, since no Landian has ever tasted a Terran jalapeño, of course). Dragon peppers are used in particularly hot salsas. They have also been combined with cinnamon, sugar, and carbonated water to make a soft drink called "dragon punch". However, that name is also used to refer to soft drinks which substitute cayenne peppers instead of dragon peppers.
  • Ring peppers are known as "banana peppers" on Earth, though that term isn't used on the Land, since we don't have bananas. The Landian name comes from the fact that the long, thin peppers are typically cut into small, yellow rings. They are slightly hotter than bell peppers, but still fairly mild and sweet. They are also commonly pickled. They may be eaten in salads, on sandwiches, or on pizzas.

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