Human male, born LY 869, in Ship. Carpenter and unionist.

Pavel is best remembered for running for the office of monarch in the first federal election, in 904. While he lost the election, his campaign was largely responsible for inspiring the Union Law. He had organized a carpenters' union in his home village in 902, and the following year, he was instrumental in uniting it with similar unions from villages around the world. The new union, officially called The Carpenters' Union, included almost every type of carpenter, including the various skills involved in constructing buildings, as well as cartwrights, shipwrights, and cabinet makers. The only carpenters it didn't include were coopers, who were included in the Laborcraft Guild (along with kilners and smiths). In fact, coopers had originally been included in the union he started in his home village, but by the time it became an inter-village union, many of the coopers in other villages had already joined the Laborcraft Guild, and Ship's own coopers wound up leaving the carpenters' union to join the Guild. This always bothered Pavel, and it led him to believe that, just as similar trade unions from different villages began uniting, all types of unions should ultimately join together, to form a single union which would provide job security and standardized workplace conditions and pay rates for virtually everyone in the world. His goals were opposed by Denari D'scendant, the head of the Miners, Minters, and Masons Union (which itself was often in competition with the Laborcraft Guild, particularly as minters are considered a type of smith). Of course, all these unions had to work together, in the end, because their various professions were required to collaborate on many construction projects. But while individual workers had to work together, Denari was successful in keeping her union separate from any others, and in convincing the public that that's how it should be.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Pavel chose the name "Leveler" partly because as a carpenter, his work often required the use of a bubble level (a device invented in 226, in Tonad). But his main reason for choosing the name was that he saw unions as a means of "leveling" the field in terms of various aspects of jobs (such as standardized pay), and in giving a greater balance of power between employee and employer.

After losing the election, Pavel returned to his work as a carpenter, though he also remains head of the Carpenters' Union.

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