Human male, born LY 880, in Plist. Chief spy of LandOrder's Plist branch.

Palzo comes from a clan of mostly woodsmen, who harvest trees from First River Forest, just north of Plist. The surname his clan chose for themselves comes from the fact that they live right on the edge of the forest, and some of them even within the woods. Palzo, however, never displayed any interest in woodcutting, though as a youth he did enjoy hiding among the trees, whether alone or as a game played with friends. This was a skill he sometimes expanded upon in town, becoming just as adept at using everything from buildings to crowds of people to hide as he was at using trees, rocks, and such in the woods. Naturally, the ability to avoid detection is quite handy in his work as a spy, though it's important to note that most spies also need to have good social skills, and Palzo Atwood is certainly just as good at talking to people as he is at hiding from them. Of course, because of this, it can be difficult or even impossible to know if any spy one counts among one's friends truly is a friend, or is just acting the part with some ulterior motive.

However, while Palzo surely must pretend to be friendly with some people, he's just as surely a true friend of various people, particularly within LandOrder. One of his oldest friends is Don Chieftain, who knew Palzo before he ever started working in a gang. He hired Palzo as a spy in his local gang in 897, and Palzo soon became close friends with most of the other spies in the gang, including the chief spy, Damien. By the time Don merged his gang with three others in 899, to form LandOrder, Palzo was unofficially considered Damien's deputy chief; and when Damien was killed by InterGang enforcers in 905, Don promoted Palzo to the position of chief spy. Since that time, Palzo has forged even stronger connections with the chief spies of LandOrder's other branches, as well as a few "rank and file" spies from those branches (such as Cabbit Atwater of Tonad, who later became that branch's chief spy). While he is a consummate professional when performing his duties, he is also known to be quite casual when off duty, as well as when making official reports to his don.

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