Oral hygiene refers to the care and cleaning of teeth. The means of doing this remain virtually unchanged on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid. The most common method of teeth-cleaning involves chewing a cinnamon stick, the aromatic oil of which can help freshen breath. Other twigs may also sometimes be used for brushing teeth; though there are also toothbrushes which are made from either wooden or bone handles and boar hair, this is less common. Another method of brushing teeth is to rub them either with the naked finger, or with a cloth or paper tissue.

Besides cinnamon, other plants which are chewed to freshen breath include ginger rhizomes, and the leaves of mint or teaberry. Any of these plants may also be made into powders and dissolved in water, which is then swished in the mouth for about a centhour before being spit out. (Such solutions are sometimes called "mouthwash," and may be used either independently or following the brushing of teeth.)

When there is a serious problem with teeth, one may visit a dentist. Some people visit a dentist on regular occasions, whether or not there is anything wrong with their teeth, in an effort to prevent any such problems from developing, though most people can't afford to do so.

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