Ogres are mythical creatures which were first created on The Land presumably around LY 582, by Xerxes. He created them in secret in the Drop Lake Mountains, and their existence was not discovered by other Sorreters until 600. According to rumors, Xerxes created ogres to use as an army in a conquest of the world, and this conquest was supposedly thwarted by Sorreters. However, there is no historical evidence to support such claims. It was sometime around 600 that Sorreters reported the existence of ogres to the World Science Council, but no mention was made at that time of having prevented a war.

It's unknown exactly what species were genetically combined by Xerxes to create ogres, except that human genetic stock was a primary component. It's thought that other components may have included bears, orangetans, and monogs.

Sometime soon after the existence of ogres was made known, Xerxes began work on another race, goblins. There was apparently a conflict between the two races in 617, at which point Xerxes was killed by his own creations. Around 666, an unknown Sorreter combined ogre and goblin DNA to create orcs. Soon after that, orcs and some ogres migrated from the Drop Lake Mountains to what would later become known as the Kimrin Mountains. The goblins and some of the ogres remained behind.

According to the intelligence classification system, ogres are considered "semi-intelligent." However, both the United Villages of the Chaos and Balencia recognizes them as fully intelligent beings. Since the latter country was established in 917, there have been diplomatic relations between its government and the Kimrin Mt. ogres.

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