"Oddberry" refers to both the tree and the fruit which it produces. These trees were first discovered on Midds Land in 852, about a year and a half after the founding of Ristar in 850. The berries of these trees were unlike any others which had yet been discovered on The Land, though they perhaps came closest in resemblance to cherries. The fruit was named for its flavor, which most people who tried it found "odd." (It should be noted, that, like cherries, oddberries are not technically berries at all, but rather drupes.) The oddest thing about the flavor is that, while many people simply dislike it, most have a reaction which is a mix of both liking and disliking it. However, with time, many people may develop a strong liking for the fruit (which can be harvested either brownish-green, or when fully ripened, black). However, they are almost never eaten without first undergoing a process of fermentation or salt-curing. This makes them more palatable, but may in fact increase the feeling that the flavor is "odd."

It wasn't until 857, however, that a spirit-talker shared the fruit with a spirit he knew. This spirit told him that the so-called oddberries actually appeared to be a Landian variety of olives. They are not greatly different from Terran olives, though very slightly sweeter. Mostly, the taste is bitter and salty. The texture is said by many to be almost like rubber, but softer. Once Ristafars learned that oddberries were actually a kind of olive, their popularity greatly increased, as Landians have always had a great interest in anything about Earth. It was well known that olives had played an important role in the early history of that planet, and so orchardists began growing oddberries in greater numbers, and traders began exporting them to the other villages of the Land.

Oddberries may be eaten on their own, or used in dishes, most commonly salads. The same spirit who revealed that they were olives also mentioned using them as a pizza topping; until this point, pizza did not even exist on the Land, so chefs began learning to make them. It was also known that olive oil was important on Earth for cooking, as well as use in lamps, soap, and other things. The same soon came to be done with oddberry oil. Also, the flowers of oddberry trees are quite similar to those of jasmine trees on Earth, and so oddberry flowers came to be used as an additive in the production of a new variety of sencha. It's also used in incense.

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