Near Port is the twentieth village founded on The Land, in LY 897. It is situated on the east coast of Near Land, at roughly 57° north latitude and 81° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 21,359 humans. The village is bordered to the north by Kizin Wood (a forest named after Kizin Planner, whose idea it had been to found Near Port). Upon its founding, Near Port joined with Kimrin and Port in establishing the Northern Alliance. In each of these villages, armies were raised in 901, in anticipation of the war that came to be known as the Coming of the Order (in fact, the founding of Near Port was itself as much a part of The Plan as was the war itself). Following the establishment of the Second Order in 904, Near Port became home to the headquarters of the Army, which established regiments in several other villages.

People from Near Port are referred to as "Near Porters."

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