Near Land

Near Land is one of three currently populated continents (aka "lands") on The Land. It is the second land to be settled on the planet, after First Land. Its coastline has not been fully explored or measured, though it is believed to be in the vicinity of nineteen or twenty thousand miles around, making it the largest landmass yet explored to any degree. Villages on Near Land include Tanq, Triscot, Kimrin, Near Port, and Shanty. It is surrounded to the west by West Ocean and to the east by First Sea and Port Sea. The southernmost tip of Near Land is about 600 miles from the northwest coast of First Land; between the two lands, at the western edge of First Sea, is Jump Isle. The Terrain of Near Land includes many forests, plains, steppes, mountains, rivers, and at least one lake. There is also abundant wildlife on Near Land, both naturally occurring as well as species which have been transplanted by humans, and some mythical creatures which were transplanted by Sorreters around LY 580.

Rivers on Near Land include Triscot River, Slash River, and Hook River. The one known lake is Kimrin Lake, which is surrounded by the Kimrin Mountains.

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