Human male, born LY 852, in Tonad. Son of Artemus; husband of Alanna; father of Brogan. Commissioner of Police (905-?)

Mufasa joined the Tonad police department in 872. Two years later, he married his girlfriend, Alanna. In 877, they had a son named Brogan. In 882, Mufasa became deputy chief of his district, and in 892, he narrowly beat out the deputy chief from another district, Jeremiah, for the position of Tonad's Chief of Police (replacing the retiring chief, Xander, who died five years later, and so never had a surname). In 904, when the position of Police Commissioner was voted on by the citizens of The Land for the first time, Mufasa was elected the second Commissioner of InterVil (replacing Colin Provisi, who had been elected in 899 by the police chiefs of each village). He assumed office in 905.

Also in 904, when the surname law was passed, Mufasa's clan chose the name "Gothic," referring to a Terran style of architecture which was popularized on the Land by Mufasa's father, Artemus. It was in fact Artemus who was in charge of the team that designed and built several government buildings in First Village, when it became the capital of the newly established Second Order. Artemus had previously designed InterVil headquarters, in 899, several years before he had any idea his son would someday be working there.

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