Human male, born 22 Sp'mo', LY 518, in Sorret. Died 576. Grand Sorreter (566-576).

Mor graduated to adept status in 538, at the age of 20. Just one year later, he had the idea that magic could be used to make mythical creatures based on stories from other worlds. He asked a spirit friend of his if such a thing would be both possible and allowable, and after consulting with various other spirits, his friend assured him (and the Council of Magicks) that it would. The idea soon became quite popular among many Sorreters, and Mor headed up a team that began researching how best to achieve such a goal (with a great deal of help from spirits). Though Mor was far from the most experienced Sorreter on the team, which included older adepts as well as master-adepts, it was he who finally developed a pair of spells called "micro-scrying" and "micro-kinesis" (see list of spells), in 543. These spells allowed Sorreters to view and manipulate DNA, which is what allowed them to combine genetic material from various species, creating hybrids which resembled animals from mythical stories. One of the most important members of Mor's team was a master-adept named Red, who, aside from developing a flying spell, thus allowing Sorreters to collect specimens of various species of birds, also suggested starting their endeavors with mythical creatures from the stories of worlds other than Earth. And so, the first mythical creature engineered on The Land was the lyrit. However, the majority of mythical creatures designed over the coming years and centuries would in fact be based on Earth stories.

The first lyrits were created in 545, a few months after Red became Grand Sorreter, for his development of flying. Mor himself would become Grand Sorreter in 566, the year after Red's death. To this day, he holds the record for the longest period between the development of the spell (or in his case, spells, including micro-scrying, micro-kinesis, and the creation of mythical creatures) that qualified him for the position of Grand Sorreter, and the actual appointment to that position.


Almost two centuries after his death, elves would be exiled and found the village of Woodstockade in 773. Though they celebrated many of the same holidays as humans, they established Mor's birthday, 22 Sp'mo', as a holiday, because without his idea to create mythical creatures, their race never would have existed. Coincidentally, sometime after merfolk were created in 810, they would also come to celebrate Mor's birthday, for the same reason.

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