Moose (the term is both singular and plural) are a species of large mammals of the deer family, though as of yet they are the only species of that family yet to be discovered on The Land (other species of deer have been heard of in stories about Earth). In fact, moose were not discovered until 884, when the village of Port was founded. The species is not known to exist naturally anywhere but Rain Isle, though some have recently been introduced to the wilderness of Near Port. Moose are commonly hunted for their meat in the forests of Rain Isle, though they have been found to be of little or no use as draft animals. As is the case with cattle, male moose are called "bulls," females are called "cows," and young are called "calves."

The existence of moose is largely unknown outside of the Northern Alliance, though the species was, of course, reported to the World Science Council, upon its discovery. It has been noted by some Portians that most Landians think the closest animals to Terran deer to exist on the Land are leopelles, though of course moose are actually closer. This misconception is curious, considering the existence of leopelles wasn't reported to the scientific community of humans until during or shortly after the Coming of the Order, when the elves rejoined human society, nearly two decades after the discovery of moose. (Leopelles only exist naturally on the Isle of Freedom.) Nevertheless, many Portians look at moose as a kind of symbol of their home, and consider the animal (and the knowledge thereof) their own private... possession, of a sort. It should also be noted that in Port (or rather, in its forests) there are common buildings called "moose lodges," where hunters may gather, using the buildings as temporary shelters, diners, and meeting places (something like private clubs). Though of course, these lodges needn't be used strictly by moose hunters, but by any sort of hunters, trappers, fishers, or woodsmen. There is a joke among some members of such lodges that their "club" is truer to its name than the ELC, the name of whose members ("elcs") bears a striking similarity to an entirely different sort of club they'd heard of on Earth (which itself is apparently named after another member of the deer family, elks).

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