Monogs are a naturally-occurring species of quadrupedal mammals, which are known to resemble a cross between Terran dogs and monkeys (two animals which have thus far never been discovered to exist on The Land). While wild monogs may be somewhat fierce (and even domesticated ones can be somewhat temperamental), they have, since the time of Connor and Brigid, been kept as pets as well as work animals. They may be used for guarding and herding livestock, guarding homes or businesses, assisting hunters, sometimes assisting police, etc. Guard monogs are sometimes called "watch monogs," which has also come to be used as a slang term for individuals or groups which perform similar functions in society (whether in straightforward guard duties, or overseeing certain other groups, especially recently government groups, to make sure they don't abuse their power). The term "monog" may also be used in various slang fashions, such as calling an offensive person a "son of a monog."

As with Terran dogs, young monogs are called puppies.


  • The Tanq branch of LandOrder was originally known as the "Sea Monogs."
  • A former InterVil agent from Tanq was Callum Monogwrangle, whose clan took their name from their business of raising and selling monogs.

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