A species of whale which is known to be similar to the Terran narwhal, though it lives chiefly in tropical waters, rather than arctic. While they can be hunted for food, this is rarely done. Their greatest claim to fame is for having contributed genetic material used by Sorreters in creating unicorns in LY 577. Interestingly, the scientific name for the narwhal on Earth is "monodon monoceros," with "monoceros" meaning, in one of that world's languages, "unicorn." The Landian monoceros was first discovered around LY 400, nearly two centuries before unicorns were created here, so many would later come to consider the name given them as being prescient. Others, however, consider it barely even coincidental, considering the name was taken from the Terran whale, whose horn (actually a tusk) was, on that world, often used as a counterfeit unicorn horn.

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