Human male, born 7 Aut'mo', LY 839, in Triscot. Husband of Alyn I; father of Brik, Ani, Isle, Athak, and Barat. Mechanic and smith.

Monn was already a successful owner of his own smithy/garage, when he married Alyn in 863. This was the same year that Alyn's sister, Laina, married a wealthy farmer named Putt. Monn and Alyn would have five children over the years: their son Brik in 864, daughter Ani in 866, daughter Isle in 871, daughter Athak in 873, and son Barat in 875.

In 902, the extended clan became involved in opposing the Coming of the Order. This opposition would eventually include the Battle of Triscot, in 903. At that time, all of the clan who had been on the estate where the battle was fought were believed to have been killed. In fact, only a portion of them (including Monn's wife and three of their children) had been killed. The rest went into hiding. During that time, a few members of the clan left their hiding place on a regular basis, using aliases and glamour masks. Monn went by the name "Al Tinkershop", having previously arranged the "sale" of his garage to "Al". When the clan came out of hiding in 912, Monn resumed the use of his real name.

In 904, two members of the clan, West and Darius, who hadn't been on the estate during the battle, chose the surname "Lonewander". Sometime after that, their relatives in hiding learned of this, and began using the name among themselves. They would use it publicly, after coming out of hiding. Sometime in 911 or 912, Monn's granddaughter, Cara, and grandson, Doog (who were a pirate and adventurer, respectively) began using the name "MakeDo". Later in 912, perhaps shortly before the clan came out of hiding (or shortly after), Monn and his surviving children, Ani and Barat, also considered switching from Lonewander to MakeDo. (Barat also considered just sticking with the alias he'd used during their years in hiding, "Blackcoat".) But ultimately, it was decided they were used to Lonewander, and stuck with that.

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