Monab is the thirteenth village founded on The Land, in LY 404. It is situated on First Land at roughly 1° south latitude and 96° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 17,781 humans and 121 elves. It lies at the southern tip of New River, between Valley Forest and Monab Forest, and it is roughly 550 miles west of East Ocean. Its first Chief Councillor was Collin Botanical (905-907, 908-910). He was succeeded by Mallory Secundus (911-912).

The village was founded by The Order, to serve as the seat of that newly formed organization of spirit-talkers, thus beginning a new era in the history of religion on the Land. (The founders named the village after the Earth terms "monastery" and "abbey," though the reality of life and architecture in Monab bears little if any resemblance to that of such institutions on Earth.) Among the best-known founders of Monab were the first Arch-bishop, Malcolm, and Monab's first bishop, Archibald. Every Su'gin since 406, Monab has hosted a month-long Pilgrimage in which spirit-talkers from around the world gather for various purposes, perhaps most importantly to work together on new additions to the O'Gas. Because the primary purpose of the village's existence is to be the religious center of the Land, it is common for the people of other villages to think of Monab as a village comprised almost entirely of spirit-talkers. While there are far more spirit-talkers per capita among Monab's populace, there are actually more secular villagers there than spirit-talkers.

People who live in Monab are referred to as "Monabites."

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