Human female, born LY 873, in Tanq. Daughter of Archer and Katherine; cousin of Zane. Commodore in the Chaos Navy.

Moira's family were among the founders of Port in 884, when she was 11 years old. Her father, Archer, was a merchant sailor for most of his career, though when the Navy was raised in Port in 901, he was recruited as captain of a newly-built dreadnought which he named the Greenbell. Moira, who had spent years serving on Archer's old merchant ship, became his first mate on the Greenbell, where she served during the Coming of the Order. When Archer retired after the war, Moira was promoted to captain, and received command of the Greenbell, herself.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Archer chose the name "Peterson," in honor of his father. Peter had been well-loved by the entire family, so everyone agreed that this would be a fitting name for them all.

She had a distinguished career in the Second Order's Navy, and served in the Chaos War of 912, at the Battle of Port Sea. It was then that she met Alecstar Inco, who was General of the Chaos Army. As such, he was Moira's enemy. However, she had often wondered, over the years, where (and why) Major Alec had disappeared to after the Battle of Triscot in 903, having heard many great things about him. Now, nine years later, she was pleased to finally meet him and learn the truth. They developed a mutual respect, and after the war, began a friendship, even though they lived in different countries.

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