Human female, born 6 Sp'yet, LY 815, in First Village. Died 903, in Triscot. Older sister of Brista. Mother of Alyn I and Laina.

Millith and her sister, Brista, moved from First Village to Triscot in 837, when they were 22 and 17, respectively. Records concerning them and their family are sketchy prior to the move, though it is known that they had a good deal of money and were prominent members of the community. The sisters both apparently did well after moving to the affluent village of Triscot, and were both soon married to prominent men from their new village. In 840, Millith and her husband had a daughter, Alyn, and a year later, had a second daughter, Laina. The girls were provided with good educations from highly respected masters, and both did well for themselves when they grew up. In 863, Laina married a wealthy plantation owner named Putt, and the same year, her sister Alyn married Monn, a successful mechanic and smith.

As for Millith and Brista, there is no record of what they themselves did for a living, if anything. Nor are there records of who their own husbands were, or what they did for a living. But in spite of their having come from old money, and having no need to work, it is generally believed that they, like the succeeding generations of their clan, were not only very religious, but also believed in hard work, largely shunning any notion of complacency. It is also said that the entire clan was socially as well as charitably active in Triscot, as Millith and Brista's family had been in First Village.

Brista died in 898, at the age of 78; her husband had died some years earlier. Millith herself lived until age 88; her husband had also died years earlier. It was during the Battle of Triscot in 903 that Millith was killed, though she could hardly be expected to have taken part in the fighting. Precise details of her death were sketchy, as no one wanted to admit to having killed a supposedly harmless old woman. However, in 912, her great-grandson, Darius Lonewander, claimed to have been told by Col. Charles Woodman (while Darius was imprisoned by the colonel in a secret dungeon in Near Port) that he had personally killed Millith, after she attacked him while he was searching the clan's manor, at one point during the battle.

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