Human male, born 24 Sp'mo', LY 908, in Triscot, to Kuris and Lucia. Brother of Luni, Kar, Tor, and Brit.

Mattelius (mə'tĕl·ē·ŭs, who goes by the nickname "Matz," măts) is the youngest of four brothers, and the second-youngest of his siblings (older only than his sister, Britannia). He was the last of three of his siblings to be born in Triscot, while his family was in hiding, following the Battle of Triscot in 903. In 912, shortly before the Chaos War, his clan came out of hiding. Shortly after the war, he moved with his parents and brothers back to his father's home village of Kurok, which Matz then saw for the first time. Though the clan had been using the surname "Lonewander" while in hiding, they now discovered that Kuris's clan was going by "Aletheia" (ə'lēth·ē·ə), so Kuris, Lucia, and their children all switched to that name, as well. In 913, Matz and his brothers began attending school for the first time.

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