Human female, born LY 885, in Plist. Wife of George Taverner; aunt of Marc Protestant and Drew Protestant. Cook and innkeeper.

Marie is the youngest of three siblings (along with older brother, Fred, and eldest sister, Charity). She came from a working-class family who were all honest, hard-working, friendly people, as well as being fairly religious, attending church every We'ginday. During the Coming of the Order, her family were among the many church-goers who learned from Bishop Therman about the clandestine and questionable methods The Order was using to advance its ultimate goal of establishing a world government. While they didn't necessarily object to this goal, they did object to the underhanded methods employed. And so, they joined the Protestant Movement, at least in spirit. They did what they could to help, but their involvement wasn't deeply active; they had no desire to get involved in a war, though they supported those who did.

As was the case with many members of the Protestant Movement, when the surname law was passed in 904, Marie's family chose the name "Protestant." The following year, Marie married her longtime boyfriend, George, and took on his surname, "Taverner." The two of them run an inn/tavern called the Boar & Bear, which George inherited earlier in 905.

While George is mostly involved in running the tavern's bar, Marie is mainly in charge of the inn, as well as cooking and serving. (Though they both occasionally share responsibilities.) In 911, Marie took cooking lessons, on the advice of Frank Numbercrunch, and since that time the tavern's food sales have increased, and the tavern itself has grown in popularity. It has also offered entertainment by various popular bands, including Black Radly (of which Marie's nephew, Marc, is the manager) and The Band.

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