Human female, born LY 892, in Jump Village.

In 905, the year after the surname law was passed, at the time that the First Census was taken, Marian's parents separated. It is reported that Marian's mother chose the surname "Frisson" for herself and her daughter because, as she told Marian, "it's exactly what your father never makes me feel."

Sometime around 908, Marian was studying costuming under a master costumer and director from a local theatre troupe. It was then that she met one of her master's former students, John Fangs, with whom she became good friends. Around 910, when she was about 18, circumstances forced her to take to a life of banditry. Not long afterward, she partnered with John, who had recently lost his job as a police. The two of them sometimes jokingly referred to themselves as "Maid Marian" and "Little John," characters from stories of Robin Hood (see Terran culture). They are also known to have gone by a variety of aliases, one of Marian's being "Talia." They reportedly had a code of ethics, by which they would only steal from those who seemed like they could afford to lose whatever money they had on them, and always tried to avoid hurting anyone seriously. They apparently were successful enough as bandits to get by, but just barely.

In 912, they attempted to rob a stranger they encountered, who turned out to be Darius Lonewander. Because of their grievances against the policies of the Second Order, which had forced them into a life of crime, Marian and John briefly considered joining The Chaos, a rebellion which Lonewander was trying to build at the time. But only a day after meeting Lonewander and his fellow would-be rebels, they decided not to join. Nevertheless, they seem to have abandoned their life of crime soon after that, and by the following year, their criminal record had been wiped clean.

In 914, Marian enrolled in a university in her home village. It is said that she was the one who inspired Lonewander to write the Scholarship Law, of which she became a beneficiary. Whether or not this is true, she apparently had no further contact with Darius or anyone else from the Chaos, after they first met and parted ways.

In 916, Marian transferred to a university in the newly founded village of Moderation.

In an alternate universeEdit

If Marian and John had chosen to join the Chaos, Marian and Darius would have fallen in love by Autumn of 912, and dated for a year or so. But eventually, she would have broken up with him, and ultimately, her life would not have been significantly different than it is in this universe.

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