Manticores are mythical creatures first created on The Land in LY 552. They are derived from Terran mythology. Sorreters combined genetic material from lions, dragonflies, and orangetans. All three of these Landian species are similar to their Terran counterparts, but each has at least one difference. The most notable of these are Landian dragonflies, which are much like those from Earth, except that their tails are more like those of Terran scorpions. It is in fact the tails of dragonflies which were incorporated into manticores, though of course manipulation (involving a dash of DNA from katoro) was necessary to make them grow to a size compatible with the rest of the manticore body. The main body of the manticore comes from lion DNA. Landian lions are very much the same as those from Earth, but that their coats are of a deep red color. This is perhaps a lucky coincidence, since many Terran legends describe manticores as being red-colored (or "the color of blood"). However, the coloration of Landian lions is one of numerous arguments some people put forth to suggest that when God created the Land and all its animals, He had the creation of mythical creatures in mind all along. The final component of manticores comes from orangetans, which are almost identical to Terran orangutans, but while those creatures may vary somewhat in coloration, the fur of orangetans is, as the name suggests, always orange and tan. Legends of manticores say they have the face of a man; however, the team of Sorreters who created Landian manticores didn't want to give them human faces, and opted for the faces of orangetans, instead.

In 580, when Sorreters began relocating mythical creatures, manticores were moved to the far north of Near Land, to roam the plains between what would later come to be known as the Kimrin Mountains and Kizin Wood. In 598, a small number of manticores were transported to New Isle, where they became part of a circus. The owners of the circus have bred manticores there for generations, since that time. However, after a few years of performance, manticores are released into the wild, in the New Isle Mountains.


The Manticores was also the name of an Olekki street gang, which became a branch of InterGang in 900.

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