Human male, born LY 354, in First Village. Died 435, in Monab. Arch-bishop of The Order (404-435). "The Book of Malcolm" is the thirty-sixth book of the O'Gas.

Malcolm became the bishop of First Village in 387, though at the time the term "bishop" was merely an honorary title, which had begun with Brist in 105. In 399, something which would be referred to as the Prophet Movement began. There were several different groups of so-called prophets, most of whom were not spirit-talkers, and believed The Land could get along just as well, if not better, without spirit-talkers or religion in general. Malcolm and various spirit-talkers from many of the Land's villages worked together to put an end to the Prophet Movement, and they finally succeeded in early 404. Throughout the struggle, it had become more and more clear to Malcolm and other of the leading spirit-talkers that more organization was needed among the religious community. In fact, things had been becoming increasingly organized for some years prior to the Prophet Movement, starting in 390 when Talon of Pritt (a non spirit-talker) had invented the printing press, and spirit-talkers from that village had begun distributing printed copies of the O'Gas to the various villages of the Land, as well as introducing the invention to those villages. At some point during the struggle against the Prophet Movement (which itself had made use of the printing press for its own purposes), Archibald, the bishop of Shipsister, suggested founding a new village to serve as a religious center for the world, from which a newly established hierarchy might direct all the spirit-talkers of every village. And so, near the end of the struggle against the Prophets, work was begun on Monab (the village was completed several months after the Prophet Movement was declared officially over). It was in Monab that Malcolm, Archibald, and other spirit-talkers from various villages founded The Order. That same year, Malcolm became the first Arch-bishop, a position he maintained until his death in 435.

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