The majitar is a musical instrument invented by a Sorreter named Guy Artisan, in LY 895. It's based on a Terran instrument called an "electric guitar," but since electricity is not currently used by Landian technology, Guy substituted magic (which he prefers to spell "majik"). Non-electric guitars are string instruments which had existed on Earth for centuries, in one form or another, before a way was devised in the planet's 20th century to use electricity to amplify the instrument's sound. While the music of an electric guitar is transmitted to a separate amplifier, a majitar's amplification is internal to the instrument itself. (The magic utilized is similar to that of magic microphones, which were developed in 911 by a student of Guy's.) The physical design of the majitar is similar to a steel-string acoustic guitar, with six strings. It can be constructed and played by a non-magician, though they would have to occasionally take it to a commercial Sorreter to initiate or recharge the magic. Without the magic, it can be played as an acoustic guitar, without amplification, and it is also possible to turn the magic off if this effect is desired (as opposed to playing it acoustically simply because the magic has run out). However, this is rarely done, as it defeats the purpose of the instrument's invention. Those who wish to play acoustic stringed instruments generally choose earlier instruments such as the bağlama, lute, or mandolin.

There are only a handful of majitar-players in the world, including Guy himself, and those he has personally taught, including Jae Furthingtame of the band Black Radly and Xedric Midnight of the band Ultimate Oblivion.

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