Human male, born LY 881, in First Village. Sprit-talker and spy for the Black Profits.

Luther's clan were among the organizers of the union known as the Laborcraft Guild, in 902. For generations, they had been the second most prominent smithing clan in First Village, after the clan headed by Denari D'scendant. It's for this reason that they chose the name "Smith" when the surname law was passed in 904.

However, Luther himself never had any interest in smithery. Instead, he became a novice spirit-talker when he turned 15, in 896. In 900, he was part of the delegation of First Village's spirit-talkers who made the Pilgrimage to Monab. At that time, he chose to remain and make Monab his new home. Since then, he has worked closely with both Arch-bishop Talak Archman and Bishop Kizin Planner (until Kizin's death in 910).

(Note: the following is known only to a few Landians, and as such, this paragraph should not be seen as appearing on the Sylph Swarm.) At some point prior to Luther's joining the pilgrimage, he was recruited by Warren Ambrosius to become a spy for the Black Profits. He replaced a retiring spy who had been operating in Monab since 881, the same year Luther himself was born. The fact that there had been a spy there for almost two decades made Luther suspicious, considering the gang for which he had been recruited had supposedly been founded only the previous year, 899. This led him to form a loose alliance with two spies who had been sent the same year, 900, by rival gangs. Together with these fellow spies, Armin Steadfast of LandOrder and Calvin Barber of InterGang, Luther uncovered evidence in 912 that Bishop Kizin's death two years earlier, supposedly of natural causes, was actually murder by Durell Turner.

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