Human male, born 5 Las'mo', LY 901, in Kurok, to Kuris and Lucia. Oldest brother of Kar, Tor, Matz, and Brit.

When Luminari was just one year old, his parents moved from Kurok to Triscot, to support his mother's clan in their opposition of the Coming of the Order. It was never meant to be a permanent move, but they ended up getting involved in the Battle of Triscot, later that year (a couple of months after Luminari's brother, Karamazov, was born). The entire clan went into hiding, though the world believed the adults to have been killed in the battle, and the children to have been secreted away to various foster parents. And so, that was how Luminari grew up, never knowing the outside world, except from books and things he heard from relatives. After two or three years, Kar began calling Luminari "Luni," a nickname which was soon used by the rest of the clan, replacing his original nickname of "Lumi." Over the years, two more brothers would be born while Luni's family was in hiding: Toreador and Mattelius.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, the clan learned that their two surviving relatives (who, like everyone else, thought the rest of them dead) were going by the name "Lonewander." So, most of the clan began using that name among themselves, as well. However, shortly before the Chaos War in 912, the clan came out of hiding. After the war, Kuris, Lucia, and their four children moved back to Kurok. There they learned that Kuris's clan was going by the name "Aletheia" (ə'lēth·ē·ə), and so they switched to that surname, themselves. In 913, Luminari and his brothers began attending a local school, which had been established not long after they'd first gone into hiding.

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