Human female, born LY 883, in Sorret. Older sister of Cameron Piper. Ex-Sorreter.

Lorraine's clan included many Sorreters, and had done for generations. She was no exception, and in 898, at the age of 15, she was apprenticed to no less than Grand Sorreter Drag himself. She graduated to the level of adept in 902, and remained a close friend and associate of her former master. During the Coming of the Order, her clan joined Drag in joining the Protestant Movement, and Lorraine was one of Drag's closest allies in his efforts against The Order. In 903, during the Battle of Triscot, she was among the Protestant Sorreters who disappeared suddenly.

Little is known of Lorraine's life between that time and Aut'gin 912, as is true of all the Sorreters who had vanished. However, a few years after the disappearance, her younger brother, Cam (who had been an apprentice at the time, and not an active part of the Protestant Movement, but who had nevertheless disappeared at the same time as the Protestant Sorreters), returned to society, traveling throughout the villages of the Second Order as a musician, but also acting as one of several spies Drag had sent out into the world. He used the alias "Cameron Piper," and when Lorraine returned to the world in 912, she chose to go by Cameron's assumed surname, as well. (By this time, she was a master-adept.) During the Battle of Near Port (912), she commanded a company of 100 ex-Sorreters who joined the Kimrin regiment commanded by Col. Stavros Supprus and former marshal Poss Primus (who had been enemies during the Coming).

Lorraine was among the founders of South Port in 913, which became the first village to be a part of the United Villages of the Chaos from the very start of its existence. She resettled in South Port, where she became a vice-bishop.

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