Since the time of Connor and Brigid, it has been known by the people of The Land that the Universe is comprised of countless other planets, spread throughout countless galaxies. The best known of these, to Landians, is Earth, largely because of the story related in the first book of the O'Gas, that on Day One, God gave the first two people the chance to name the world He had created for them. The name they chose was Earth, but He told them that name had already been taken, so they chose a different name, which essentially meant the same thing, calling their world The Land. In the centuries since then, many spirit-talkers have heard of other worlds from various spirits, and so a number of planets have become known to Landians, at least in some small capacity. Here, then, is an incomplete list of worlds which have been mentioned by spirits.

  • Dramastus (known for myths including lyrits)
  • San'su'nal (known for various epic adventure stories made popular on the Land late in the second century; its name means "place of all of us")
  • Trigonis (known for the story "The Life and Times of Oldan Weerie")
  • Xallambriad (known for the song "Bring Not a Galluzing Aktoad, My Love")

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