This is a list of High Sorcerers throughout history. The position is equivalent to Grand Sorreter. The first High Sorcerer was Roderick, the creator of the elves, and the only human ever to hold the position. The next three High Sorcerers were all members of the First 50 Elves, while the fifth was a member of the third generation of elves.

  • Roderick (b. 727, d. 792) High Sorcerer 774-792
  • Caina (b. 752, d. 824) High Sorcerer 792-824
  • Eller (b. 752, d. 832) High Sorcerer 824-832
  • Salucin (b. 752, d. 840) High Sorcerer 832-840
  • Darryl Des'Farrell (b. 800, d. 862) High Sorcerer 840-862
  • Trelane Des'Rosset (b. 807, d. 884) High Sorcerer 862-884
  • Circe Des'Rosset (b. 828, d. 908) High Sorcerer 884-893 (retired)
  • Castor Des'Eller (b. 843) High Sorcerer 893-?

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