This is a partial list of Grand Sorreters throughout history. Most people hold the position until their death; but whatever reason their term is ended, it is tradition for the next Grand Sorreter not to assume the position officially until the following year. Until then, someone may serve as Grand Sorreter-pro tem, or the duties of the Grand Sorreter may temporarily fall upon the Council of Magicks. Quite often, a sitting Grand Sorreter handpicks his or her successor, though the choice must be approved by the Council. Also, before becoming Grand Sorreter, they must demonstrate a new spell they have personally developed. This may happen after the current Grand Sorreter vacates the position, or shortly before, though the candidate may use a spell they developed years earlier as their qualifier. (Note, while some Grand Sorreters are said to have used a spell device they developed as their qualifier, rather than a direct spell, it is technically the enchantment spell they develop in order to create a spell device which qualifies them for the position.) It should also be noted that the people of Sorret usually consider the Grand Sorreter to also be their village's bishop, though ever since The Order was established in 404, it became necessary for the Arch-bishop to approve the Grand Sorreter as bishop, to make it official. Such approval has almost always been granted.

  • Sol (b. 222, d. 281) Grand Sorreter 272-281
  • Murray (b. 246, d. 302) Grand Sorreter 282-302
  • Jess (b. 246, d. 307) Grand Sorreter 303-307
  • Taro (b. 254, d. 319) Grand Sorreter 308-319
  • Iris (b. 300, d. 369) Grand Sorreter 344-369
  • Judy (b. 359, d. 435) Grand Sorreter 399-435
  • Rasche (b. 410, d. 470) Grand Sorreter 436-470
  • Red (b. 505, d. 565) Grand Sorreter 545-565
  • Mor (b. 518, d. 576) Grand Sorreter 566-576
  • Tagg (b. 547, d. 622) Grand Sorreter 577-595
  • Tannic (b. 706, d. 766) Grand Sorreter 750-766
  • Cazzul (b. 728, d. 790) Grand Sorreter 767-790
  • Nyza (b. 753, d. 825) Grand Sorreter 791-825
  • Errol (b. 780, d. 838) Grand Sorreter 826-838
  • Coman (b. 819, d. 889) Grand Sorreter 839-889
  • Drag (b. 845) Grand Sorreter 890-903
  • Durell Turner (b. 852) Grand Sorreter 904-912
  • Cirna Mastera (b. 839) Grand Sorreter 913-?

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