The following is a list of elves who have served as head of their people, beginning in LY 774, the year after the founding of Woodstockade. However, in 904, upon joining the Second Order, the title of Elf Chief would be replaced by "Chief Councillor." It should be noted that the third Elf Chief established a village council in LY 850, while humans didn't have official village councils until 905 (following the first elections in 904). The nature of Woodstockade's village council didn't radically change at that time, nor was the position of Chief Councillor substantially different from Elf Chief. The only exception is that from this point on, village councillors and Chief Councillors would be elected every three years, as opposed to the past, in which councillors and chiefs would serve until such time as they died, retired, or (theoretically) were impeached. It should also be noted that, since the founding of Freeport in 913, there have been two different elven Chief Councillors, one for each village (though each belongs to a different country, and technically Freeport's would be a Mayor). In the future, there will no doubt be still other elven villages founded, and the significance of the title will diminish even further from what it once was. (Though of course, to a certain extent it had diminished even earlier, when some elves began emigrating to human villages immediately following the Coming of the Order. Once they lived in other villages, they were subject to the Chief Councillor of their new home, obviously, rather than that of Woodstockade.)


  • Eller (b. 752, d. 832) Elf Chief 774-832
  • Sean (b. 776, d. 850) Elf Chief 832-850
  • Trelane Des'Rosset (b. 807, d. 884) Elf Chief 850-884
  • Trent Des'Rosset (b. 825, d. 907) Elf Chief 884-893 (retired)
  • Castor Des'Eller (b. 843) Elf Chief 893-905; Chief Councillor 905-?


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