This is a partial list of Arch-bishops throughout the history of The Land. While some spirit-talkers like to retroactively consider Brist (the founder of religion) to be the first Arch-bishop, that is not technically accurate. Brist was the first bishop on the Land, though in his time there was very little organization among spirit-talkers (and in fact there were very few spirit-talkers at all). A hierarchy for religion was not developed until the founding of The Order in 404, at which point the term "bishop" became an official position, the head of a village's spirit-talkers. Each village might also have vice-bishops, who worked under the bishop, and had higher authority than the average spirit-talker. At the same time, the position of Arch-bishop was established, to be the highest spiritual authority on the Land. The Arch-bishop is elected by the bishops of every village; it is also necessary for the Arch-bishop to approve the appointment (by each village's spirit-talkers) of bishops, though such approval is almost always given. It should be noted that while the Arch-bishop resides in Monab, which is the seat of the Order, that village also has its own bishop. (It is not uncommon for non spirit-talkers to mistakenly assume the Arch-bishop is also the bishop of Monab.) It should also be noted that in 902, when the Protestant Movement broke from the Order, its founder, Therman, was declared the first Protestant Arch-bishop. Since then, the Order has sometimes been referred to as "Orthodoxy." The seat of Protestantism is in Plist, which, like Monab, also has its own bishop in addition to its Arch-bishop.

Orthodox Arch-bishopsEdit

  • Malcolm (b. 354, d. 435) Arch-bishop 404-435
  • Hamish (b. 375, d. 451) Arch-bishp 435-451
  • Prax (b. 722, d. 799) Arch-bishop 770-799
  • Darren (b. 753, d. 810) Arch-bishop 799-810
  • Ignico (b. 763, d. 833) Arch-bishop 810-833
  • Veronica (b. 789, d. 859) Arch-bishop 833-859
  • Esmeralda (b. 810, d. 881) Arch-bishop 859-881
  • Talak Archman (b. 831) Arch-bishop 881-?

Protestant Arch-bishopsEdit

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