Human female, born LY 884, in Tanq. Music journalist and co-host of 200 Centhours.

Lisa comes from a clan which has never had its own "family business." Her relatives have always done their own thing, and many of them have even been Jacks of all trades. It's because her family, collectively, thinks of themselves as having "done more" than most families on The Land do, that they chose the surname 'Donemore' in 904.

Lisa herself has always been particularly fond of both music and journalism, which naturally led her to get a job as a music journalist for a local newspaper, the Tanq Tribune, in 905. There, she reviewed just about every musical performance in her village, by both local artists and traveling musicians from all around the world. It was after she'd been writing for the paper for a few months that she met Soren Pinegrove, who was traveling around the world to experience the music of various artists he wouldn't otherwise ever have the chance to hear. Soren and Lisa's shared love of music quickly led to a friendship, which continued via t-mail after Soren left Tanq to continue his travels.

In 914, Soren contacted Lisa about an idea he had for a new bubble-screen show, which would feature all different sorts of musical artists from around the world. He wanted to know if she was interested in working on the show. The two of them worked out the details together, and co-created 200 Centhours. Lisa is sometimes credited with coining the term new wave, in 913, while others attribute the term to Soren, and still others say they'd heard the term long before either one used it. Soren and Lisa themselves claim to be unsure which of them used it first, or whether they'd heard it before they started using it.

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