Elven female, born LY 775, in Woodstockade, to Carmen and Francisco. Died 843. Older sister of Dell and Shad. Wife of Toscano; mother of Cally, Tomas, Rupert, and Etta. Musician, smith, and instrument maker.

Lindsey was among the second generation of elves; her parents were Francisco and Carmen, two of the First 50 Elves. Her father was an architect and scientist, from whom she learned a natural curiosity and ingenuity. Her mother was a potter, painter, and musician, from whom she learned a love of the arts, especially music. She was apprenticed to another of the first generation, a master musician named Lossin, in her early teens. Lossin had invented an instrument which he called a duré in 775, the same year Lindsey was born (less than two years after Woodstockade was founded). While Lindsey became proficient at playing the duré as well as a few other instruments, she felt a strong desire to invent a brand new instrument, as her master had done.

Lossin was not her only master, as it was at that time impractical for any member of the village's still small population to have only one job, particularly one in the arts. She also trained as a smith under Vaspar, as well as learning woodwork from Tambor. Her mother died when Lindsey was only 15. When she was 18, she invented the hautbas, and in spite of this accomplishment, she deeply regretted that her mother wasn't alive to hear her play it. However, the name she chose for her instrument was based on knowledge gained from a spirit who was a friend of her father (who, being a sorcerer as well as a scientist, was therefore also a spirit-talker). Though Carmen hadn't technically been a spirit-talker, she had also been friends with many of the spirits who knew her husband; the one who inspired Lindsey's naming of the instrument was fond of music from various worlds, and so had been particularly close to Carmen before her death. The spirit recorded Lindsey playing her hautbas on a bubble, and said she would try to play it for Carmen sometime.

Through her association with Tambor, Lindsey became friends with his children, one of whom, Toscano, she married in 795. Over the years they would have four children of their own; their oldest and youngest were girls, and the middle two were boys. Several generations later, one of Lindsey's distant descendants, Remy Des'Tambor, would obtain a position as an hautbasist in the Royal Orchestra.

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