Passed by the court system on 10 Su'yet, LY 899, this law prohibits the invention or creation of handheld weapons using huo yao. Its current form is essentially unchanged from when it was first passed in 364, by the citizens of Ship, and subsequently over the next several years by other coastal villages. It was adopted by the United Villages of the Chaos and Sorret in 913.


In the early 360s, as travel by ships became more common, pirates began to capture ships, which they then used to attack and plunder other ships. At first this could only be done in hand to hand combat, mostly using swords. However, in 363, a pirate named Leonardo invented the cannon, as well as a substance known as huo yao, which can be used to create an explosion. At first this was used to power cannons, but in later years other weapons would be developed wherein the explosion itself was what was used to cause damage directly. Stories from other worlds inspired the invention of the cannon, but also revealed the possibility of inventing handheld weapons which would use huo lao. At first, Leonardo assumed the current level of Landian technology (specifically, minismithery) would be insufficient to create such weapons. But it wasn't too long before it became apparent that, if genuine efforts were made to research in that direction, it wouldn't likely take long to achieve. That early in the Land's history, of course, there had never been a war, and aside from piracy, crime still wasn't a huge problem. However, the problem had been increasing for over a hundred years, ever since blades started becoming more common. It was feared by the general public that creating weapons like guns would exponentially increase the crime rate, and they wanted to prevent this. However, they knew they couldn't outlaw cannons, because it seemed necessary for legitimate merchant and exploration ships to use them in self defense against pirates. (And several years hence, the Coast Guard would arm their ships specifically to hunt down pirates.)

In 899, gangs were increasing their activities around the world, which was one of the main reasons for the establishment of the court system. This caused a renewed fear that criminals might seek to develop handguns, and so the passing of the old law to cover the entire world was a high priority. When the war known as the Coming of the Order began a few years later, most people were very glad that handguns were not involved.

It should also be noted that this law was considered an important model for the Prohibition of Off-world Technology, which was passed in 904.

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