This was a conspiracy which began at some point during the Coming of the Order, though it is not known precisely how many people were involved or what the full extent of their plans may have been. The one conspirator who was ever discovered was a Protestant spirit-talker named Vanya. Shortly after midnight on 5 Win'yet, LY 904, Vanya fired a weapon called a "laser" at the cruiser-class Poseidon's Wrath, the flagship of the Navy. The ship was resting in Ship harbor, having left its home port of Port the previous month, to transport Admiral Drake to First Land. From Ship, he was planning on taking land transportation to First Village, to attend the ceremony officially starting the Second Order, which would take place on 8 Win'yet (see New Order Day). Fortunately, most of the crew of the Poseidon's Wrath were on shore leave at the time of the attack, but Admiral Drake and a skeleton crew were all killed in the ship's destruction.

Vanya was soon arrested by local police, and when interrogated, gave up details of the plan to use similar "laser" weaponry at the New Order Day ceremony. Police in First Village were warned, and took steps to prevent the plot from being carried out, though somehow Vanya's co-conspirators learned of this, and apparently destroyed all traces of their preparations before fleeing. Vanya never revealed their identities, nor were any of them ever caught. However, he did tell authorities that he had learned to create this weapon from a spirit, whose name he also never revealed (though the Plot is reminiscent of the invention of cannons, centuries earlier, by the pirate Leonardo, who also was inspired by an unnamed spirit). The so-called Laser Plot led directly to the passing of the Prohibition of Off-world Technology law, later that year.

In 912, it was discovered that Vanya had been a member of a group called The Cabal, which was actually behind the Laser Plot. It was learned that the plot was actually the idea of Zeke Sanguine. This revelation led to the end of the Chaos War.

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