Human male, born 7 Win'yet, LY 868, in Triscot, to Putt and Laina. Brother of Alyn, Lucia, and West. Husband of Brynne. Woodsman.

Lance had a a thriving career as a woodcutter, as well as being an amateur entomologist, until he died in 903, at the Battle of Triscot. Or at least, it was believed that he and his clan all died then (with the exception of his younger brother, West, and nephew, Darius). In truth, they had gone into hiding. However, through their servants and some members of the clan who went out into the world using aliases, they were aware that West and Darius had taken on the surname "Lonewander" in 904, and so they began using that name, among themselves. Lance himself sometimes went out in public, though he had no official business to conduct, so he never bothered making up an alias. He still used the name "Lance," but no surname. However, in 907, he met a woman named Brynne Studi (pronounced "Stoo-dee"), who had recently moved to Triscot, from Toobay. They began dating, and this required him to make up a fake surname. He chose "Woodcut," hoping it hadn't already been taken. Which, apparently, it hadn't. In 909, Lance and Brynne married, and Lance took on her surname. (By that time, Lance had admitted who he really was, and introduced her to his family.)

After marrying, Lance and Brynne moved to Shanty, where Brynne got a job as a master at a local school, and Lance got a job as a woodcutter. After that, they rarely had a chance to see any of Lance's relatives, until 912. Shortly before the Chaos War, his clan came out of hiding, and it therefore became far simpler for them to visit each other.

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